Loyfam's main production centers around the nBox server system.  It's a new server design based on the latest technologies to improve on the computer server concept that businesses have used for so long.

We also recommend a core set of computing products and companies based on our successful experience with them and the quality of the product/company.

anti-virus | internet access | word processing and spreadsheet


Arguably the best virus scanner. It has excellent design and can scale cheaply to protect hundreds of workstations and servers. It consistently out paces competitors ability to identify and cure viruses and spyware.

Internet access

There are quite a few good ISP's in Australia, we don't think any of them end with *stra or *tus. The two major incumbents just don't offer enough value in our opinion and do not care about their customers.

If you want a good balance of value and service then you should look at these ISP's before you commit to a contract with one of the large suppliers.

| iiNet | Internode

Or make your own decision using the tools at the Australian Whirlpool Forums

Office software (word processor, spreadsheet, slideshow)

You use Microsoft Office. Have you ever questioned why?

We decided to keep the $200+ per PC it costs for MSOffice and spend it on other things. Our business has saved over $1000 by using OpenOffice and hasn't had any problems exchanging documents with all you MSOffice users.

If fact we've even been able to repair customer's MSOffice documents from time to time using OpenOffice.

We use OpenOffice because:

  • it's reliable
  • it's free and supports open standards
  • we can use it to produce PDF's as easily as saving a file
  • we don't want to pay for office software anymore!


Remote access and Faster MYOB

Do you want to use applications and access your network remotely? You can without spending big money on Terminal services.


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