From $339.90 we will upgrade your computer so it becomes dramatically more responsive, with load times faster than when the machine was brand new! At this price you are able to turbo charge 2-4 PCs for the price of a single new PC without the cost and pain associated with migrating data and user preferences. Our upgrade replaces your existing Hard Disk with an SSD* then we clone your existing Windows installation to the SSD, preserving all of your settings and data exactly how they were on your original Hard Disk. Your computer, but dramatically faster.

*(SSD: a Solid State Disk, similar to camera/phone memory card technology)

Most computers rely on a Hard Disk: a mechanical device that stores data using a fast rotating platter similar to the basic design principals of the old record players. A Hard Disk is extremely slow compared to the other components inside your computer (RAM and CPUs operate thousands of times faster than your Hard Disk for example). Even very old PCs are constantly waiting on the Hard Disk due to it's mechanical design. It doesn't matter how new the Hard Disk is, your computer is constantly waiting on this very slow component. Our upgrade eliminates this wait time by replacing the slow Hard Disk with cutting edge SSD electronic storage technology.

SSDs are newly developed devices that perform the same role as a Hard Disk but are purely electronic and have no moving parts, making them incredibly fast whilst using a fraction of the electricity.

Information retrieval using an SSD can be up to 100 times faster than a Hard Disk. Upgrading to an SSD also removes the most delicate part of your computer, the Hard Disk is prone to damage and data loss by even small knocks, drops and heat. SSDs can withstand much harder knocks, higher temperatures and are completely silent, this makes them an ideal option for laptops too.

One of our customers recently upgraded their entire office with SSDs and slashed over 4 minutes off the time each staff member spends waiting for the PC to bootup/login. Over 10 staff members this equates to 40 minutes more productivity per day, over a week they've saved almost 3.5 hours!

Take a look at the results below comparing Outlook opening times:

(shorter bars are better)

Opening Outlook

CLICK HERE to show full results of the SSD upgrade applied to a 3 Year old Dell Intel Core 2 duo

The user of this computer was waiting a staggering 3 minutes to open Outlook! She was getting ready to throw the computer out of the window waiting for it to load.

Her professionalism suffered when her clients called to confirm about an email they had sent, She felt forced to spend $1,200 for a new PC, luckily she tried the SSD upgrade with no commitment and was glad she did, we saved her around $600

Windows startup

Timed from switching on the PC until the login screen showed

Windows Login

Timed from Loging in until the hour glass finished showing

Opening Outlook

Timed from double clicking the Outlook icon until the messages had loaded and the first message displayed its content.